Top 3 Quality Link Building Strategies for every marketer

As Google keeps on updating its algorithm, no one can tell you about the exact way to rank higher in the search engine ranking. Link building is the only thing that can help you rank higher in search engines.

Link Building

In 2019 not only link building, but quality link building matters the most. In this post, you will learn the top 3 Quality Link Building strategies.

What is Link Building?

Link building is the process of getting hyperlinks from other websites to your own website. A hyperlink ((<a href=””/>) ) is simply called a link and used to navigate between pages over the internet.

Top 3 Quality Link Building Strategies

 There are more than 175 link building strategies as defined by Brian Dean and top 3 link building strategies that every marketer must follow to make the campaign successful are described here. 

  1. Directory Links
  2. Directory submissions are time-consuming but the cheapest and easiest way to create quality backlinks. So, submit your website to local listings. There are thousands of directory listing available out there. This strategy of link building provides the most relevant backlinks to your website.
    For directory links, you either have to create an account or sending submission request through forum or email. There are few types of directory listing links like a link from local business listing, blog listing, etc.

  3. Links from Q&A sites
  4. I searched for Q&A sites over the internet and find Quora as the best Q&A site. Quora can help you in generating you way more traffic to your website, but for generating traffic from Quora you need to mention your link in the answer as a source. 

  5. Editorial Links
  6. Editorial backlinks refer to the links that you get by guest posting. Google likes to see editorial backlinks to rank your website. It's a bit harder to earn editorial backlinks. In SEO editorial backlinks are considered as white hat.
    For getting editorial links by guest posting, you have to either approach the website owner by email or some websites allow guest post through profile creation and some allow through contact forum.


Quality is more important than quantity and Google shows higher quality backlinks sites in the top of search results. So to rank in 2019 you should have to create more quality backlinks to your website.