Is Domain Age really affect the SEO for Google Ranking?

Google has many ranking factors one out of them is domain age. Now after hearing this many questions comes in mind like What is it? Is it affect the SEO for Google Ranking? How much important it is for SEO & Ranking in Google?

Is Domain Age really affect the SEO for Google Ranking

    What is Domain Age?

    Domain age is the time duration which a domain name has existed over the internet. It tell us how much old a domain name is.
    So for example, if a domain name was registered in 2005, then the age of domain for that domain name will be 14 years by 2019.
    And what is a domain name? it is the url of a website, using which user access to your website like

    Is Domain Age really affect the SEO for Google Ranking?

    The simple answer to this question is, YES! Domain age affect the SEO for Google Ranking.
    Google gives priority to the old Domains to rank higher along with many other factors also matters for the ranking of website like content, user experience, backlinks etc.
    And Google neglect websites for the first few months of their registration. Google consider them as spamming websites.

    How much important Domain Age is for SEO & Ranking in Google?

    No one can answer this exactly. Some people says that age of domain is not a ranking factor, some says that it is a big factor for ranking. I would think that it is also an important factor for ranking.

    How does domain age affects organic SEO?

    If the age of your domain is less than 2 years, then chances are that most authority sites (like Google, Moz etc.) will think you as spam sites.
    If the domain has been active for a long time but you have no seo plan or content strategy in place, your website still has a good chance at ranking well.
    Matt Cutts quote on domain age


    Age of your Domain plays important role in ranking of your website.Here are some Key-points about age of domain that you should remember:-

    1. Domain age is a factor which helps in deciding ranking for your website.
    2. Website are significantly neglected by Google for the first few months.
    3. Google's Matt Cutts says that there is very small difference between a six months old and twelve months old domain.