Tips for Optimized Instagram Profile to Boost your brand

    Instagram has more than one billion active users in 2019. To attract them you need to have an attractive and optimized Instagram bio. Instagram is a photo & video-sharing social platform owned by Facebook. Instagram is also a powerful visual content marketing tool.

    optimized instagram profile

    How an optimized Instagram profile can help your brand?

    An optimized Instagram profile helps you in many ways some of them are:
    a). It helps in increasing website traffic
    b). Brand Awareness
    c). Content Marketing
    d). Helps in building audience
    e). Driving more sales etc.

    What are the things that you must include in your Instagram profile?

    Following are the things you should include in your Instagram profile to get more Instagram followers:-

    a). Profile picture

    The profile picture is visible to all other Instagram users. It may be your brand logo or person's picture.

    b). Name

    Profile name has to be the same as that of your brand or your personal name. It helps people in recognizing yourself.

    c). UserName

    Username is the unique name of your Instagram ID. Username helps in easily searching of profiles.

    d). Website

    A link to the website can be added in the Instagram profile below your Instagram bio.

    e). CTA (call to action)

    A CTA (call to action) must be provided into your bio so that it attracts users to produce more sales.

    f). Category

    It is visible on your profile below your account name. The Instagram algorithm suggests your profile to other's based on your category.

    g). Contact Info

    Contact info could be your email id or phone number available on business accounts only. But if you wish to provide your contact info, then you can use the bio section to provide your contact information.

    How can you make an amazing and optimized Instagram profile?

    a). Optimize the name in your Instagram profile

    Optimize your name for search queries so that your name can appear on the top in search results on Instagram as well as on search engines.
    Put the targeted keywords in your name (like the brand name).

    b). Add your skills & services to your Instagram profile

    To showing your skills & services use the Instagram bio section. Doing this can help users in understanding your brand.

    c). Include relevant keywords in your Instagram bio

    Including keywords related to your niche can help you in ranking higher in search results.

    d). Optimize your website link

    Optimize website link mean it should be completely visible and have the targeted keywords. Not like this

    optimized website url

    e). Use emojis to space out your text

    To space or stand out your Instagram bio text you need to use emojis.
    Why emojis?
    Because they convey the idea & attract the users.

    f). Include your brand hashtag in your Instagram bio

    You must include your brand hashtags in your Instagram bio because your profile will be visible for those hashtags.

    g). Add line breaks

    Line breaks show the content of bio as sooth & descriptive. So don't use heavy paragraph text in your Instagram bio.

    h). Include a call to action in your Instagram bio

    First, define your goal and then write your description (bio) as per the defined goal
    Example: If you want more followers than write a bio which leads the users to follow you after reading your Instagram bio.

    i). Play with fonts

    Instagram bio allows you to paste different types of fonts. First, go & play with different types of fonts and then choose the one which suits your requirements.

    Some Instagram bio ideas


    To attract users, for getting more followers, or increasing website traffic you need to optimize your bio so that it can stand out. Use every feature fo Instagram and optimize each of them so that your profile looks amazing and optimized.


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