How to get more Instagram followers in 2019?

Instagram followers

    Why you need more Instagram followers and How to grow Instagram followers for business?

    For increasing sales or getting more traffic to your website or business you need to grow your Instagram followers and engagements. Here are the following 25 tips to grow Instagram followers:-

    1. Make a good profile picture

    If you want to get more Instagram followers then you have to make your profile impressive and you can start it with making a good profile picture or brand logo.

    make a good profile picture

    So the first thing you need is to have a good profile picture.

    2. Optimize your bio

    Bio is the short information that shows on your profile.

    optimize your bio

    The second tip for growing on Instagram is optimizing your bio. Optimize your bio so that it leaves a huge impact on the profile visitor and they will definitely follow you.

    3. Be consistent on posting

    If your followers didn't see any post from you then why should they follow you, so be consistent with your posts?
    According to Neil Patel (SEO Expert), you should post in every three hours which means eight times a day to grow your Instagram followers.

    4. Post at the right time

    Instagram provides insights for a business account which shows that at which time of the day on which day your posts get more engagement.
    So I recommend you that you should check that insight, analyze that before posting because it really helps in growing Instagram followers.

    5. Switch to a business account

    If you didn't switch your account to business do it right now because it helps you in understanding the behavior of your audiences.
    An Instagram business account has that insight and you can use that in getting more engagement and more Instagram followers.

    switch to business account

    6. Listen to Instagram analytics

    Instagram provides insights for a business account which shows that at which time of the day and on which day your posts get more engagement.
    So I recommend you that you should check that insight analyze that before posting because it really helps in growing Instagram followers.
    The Instagram business account has that feature, Why should not we use this tool?
    I recommend you to use the analytics provided by Instagram because it helps me in growing my Instagram followers.

    7. Improve Visual of your posts

    Use the posts which have good visual rather than a big and lengthy caption because of no one on Instagram reads your whole caption they just see the post and move to the next post.
    According to the many popular Instagram Influencer, the good visual posts stand out rather than a less visual post.

    8. Be Active on Instagram

    If you become more active on Instagram post at the right time, reply to people comments, engage with other users posts actively participate in the group, then you will definitely get more Instagram followers.
    If you become more active other users think that you are a real and active user then they will definitely interact with your content or engage with you.

    9. Use all 30 hashtags

    According to me, the hashtag is like the categorization of posts on Instagram.
    Instagram has a limit of 30 hashtags per post, so use all 30 hashtags in your post.

    use all 30 hashtags

    Like if you got a chance to win 30 lotteries than why should you lose any single of those.

    10. Use right hashtags

    You are using all the 30 hashtags and if those hashtags are not related to your niche then your post will not work well.
    So my recommendation to you is to use hashtags that are related to your post niche only.

    11. Geo-tag your images

    Geo-tagging means providing the location of your photos (Where you capture them). Instagram also has a feature of location tagging.
    The use of the Geo-tag feature allows you to reach more people from the location you provided in your post.

    12. Experiment with caption

    If you have a good and engaging caption then people try to engage with your posts and you will start to rank on Instagram feature posts section.
    Forgetting your pictures visible on Google. Provide a good caption as well as alt text which is provided into the advance setting option.

    13. Include a CTA ( Call to Action) in the caption

    If you ask questions in your post's caption, then people will answer that question and you will get more post engagement.
    If you ask people to tag their friends in that post then you can reach more audience or can get more Instagram followers.

    14. Work on big trending topics

    work on big trending topics

    Working on big trending topics allows your posts to get viral & finally feature by Instagram.
    You can use the google trend for finding the trending topic.

    16. Use Instagram stories

    The Instagram algorithm doesn't show your post to all of your followers but your story will be shown to all your followers.
    And in Instagram stories, you can ask people questions, create polls, etc.

    17. Use Instagram live

    Instagram live shows before Instagram stories in the application & every follower will get a notification when you go live. This can help you in getting more engagement and followers to your profile.

    18. Post more videos

    post more videos

    As Neil Patel said people interact with the video posts more than the pictures. So try to post more videos related to your niche.

    19. Interact with people who are interested

    This is a little bit tricky to find out the people who are really interested in your content. But it is also necessary to interact with the interested audience.
    Comments on your posts that have more than four words could be of interested people.

    20. Tag other people in your images

    If you tag someone in your post image then the follower of that person also saw your post and they also engage with your post.

    21. Reply to all comments

    If you engage with people, then they treat you as a good and active user. In starting you can manage to replay to all comments but after you get more than ten thousand followers then it is become difficult to reply to all the comments on your post.

    22. Promote your Instagram profile on other social media

    If you are on other social media websites, then make sure you share your Instagram profile on those social media sites.
    Sharing your profile to other social media sites helps you in getting more Instagram followers & engagements.

    23. Partner with other creators

    If you partner with other creators then this will help you in getting more audience to from the other creator.
    Somehow you also help that creator to get more audience but you will also get more audience.

    24. Don't try to cheat with system

    Don't use auto-like applications that provide you more post likes, comments, and followers. By using such type of application you lose your account privacy completely and the Instagram algorithm will consider your account as a bot.

    25. Join engagement pods

    Engagement pods are Instagram's direct messaging groups in which people do like for like and comment for comment stuff and also follow to get more Instagram followers.


    After going through all of these steps, it is time to have more Instagram followers. Ensure to implement each and every step for getting good results.